Five questions with Bobby, Draper Knitting Finishing Supervisor

He’s not exactly the new kid on the block, but by Draper standards he’s still new. Introducing Bobby Souza, the Draper Knitting Finishing Supervisor.

1. How long have you been here at Draper Knitting? 13 months – December 3, 2019 was my one year anniversary.

2. What is your background in textiles? I worked for Clark, Cutler, McDermott for 16 years as a department supervisor. Draper’s production manager, Ed Eknaian, worked there as well! CCD specialized in mostly non-woven acoustical automotive insulation. When they closed, I took the job here at Draper.

3. What is your favorite process in the Finishing department? The single pass dryer. It has so many capabilities – it can stretch, shrink, and dry material. I like the challenge of using all it’s capabilities to solve problems.

4. What is your favorite style to run? Style 733, a very dense high pile. It’s one of the most difficult styles to run, but I like the challenge.

5. What do you do when you’re not at work? Motorcycles. I love to go riding on my bike.

Bobby Souza, Draper Knitting Finishing Supervisor.
Bobby Souza, Draper Knitting Finishing Supervisor