ABMA 100th Anniversary Convention

Draper Knitting will be in attending the ABMA (American Brush Manufacturers Association) Annual Convention with 100th Anniversary Celebration, March 21-25, in Orlando.

The ABMA brush industry covers all aspects of brushes as well as paint applicators, so since Draper knits paint roller fabrics, Draper Knitting has been a member of the ABMA for approximately 40 years.

The brush industry includes everything from giant street sweeper brushes to strip brushes on car shifts or escalators, personal brushes including tooth brushes, hair brushes and make-up brushes, as well as paint brushes and rollers.  You’d be amazed by the fact most individuals come in contact with an average of 28 brushes in a day!

For more information about the ABMA and its 100th anniversary, please go here, and if you’re interested in making an appointment to meet with the Draper team, please send Kristin Draper an email.